Wellington Business Association Constitution

The Wellington Business Association (previously Wellington (Somerset) Chamber of Trade & Commerce) Constitution

This Constitution was formally adopted on 24 October 2012

A copy of this constitution may be downloaded here.

  1. NAME
    The name of the Association shall be The Wellington Business Association (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”).
  2. AIMS
    To actively promote a business community in the Wellington TA21 area that is vibrant and prosperous and to encourage and promote good business practice and business networking. To enhance the commercial and social life of the town and to represent the interests of the members at local, district and national level.
    The Aims of the Association will be met in the following ways:
    1. Holding regular meetings of members to discuss Association business
    2. Collecting information in order to act as a resource for existing and new businesses
    3. Being proactive in promoting Wellington and businesses in the area by supporting local initiatives and facilitating change
    4. Holding networking events and informal meetings to encourage interaction and goodwill in the business community
    5. Encouraging membership of the Association
    6. Agreeing annually a set of objectives and initiatives to be implemented by the Association
    7. By affiliation to Somerset Chamber of Commerce
    8. Supporting local charities by contribution from Association funds when available
    1. The number of Members is unlimited
    2. Membership shall be open to:
      1. individuals who are in business on their own account; and
      2. companies, corporations, firms and other organisations engaged or interested in commerce industry trade or transport;
    3. A Member who has retired from active business who has been a Member of the Association for a minimum of five years will be able to become an honorary member with full voting rights.
    4. A Member may terminate membership by giving notice in writing at any time but shall not be entitled to a rebate of any subscription if the termination occurs part way through the year. If no such notice is received the Member shall be liable for the subscription for the ensuing year which shall be a debt to and legally recoverable by the Association.
    5. The Association may by a majority resolution expel any Member at any time provided that:
      1. not less than twenty-one days’ notice of the proposed resolution and of the matters giving rise to the proposed resolution have been given to the member concerned; and
      2. the member concerned has been given a reasonable opportunity to make representations and to attend or be represented at the meeting of the Association called to consider the case and to be heard in defence
    6. Any Member expelled pursuant to 4.5 shall lose all privileges of membership without prejudice to any claims that the Association may have
    7. Members shall be entitled to vote at meetings of the Association in accordance with this constitution
    8. The Association Secretary will maintain a record of all Members
    1. The financial year of the Association shall run from 1st October to 30th September.
      Every Member shall pay an annual subscription at the rate approved at every Annual General Meeting and that subscription will be payable on 1st October of each year. Payment is required in full within 30 days of receipt of a request for payment.
    2. Those joining from 1st April to 30th September shall pay for only six months.
    3. Any change to the level of subscription must be ratified at an AGM and notified to all
    1. The Officers of the Association shall be President, Chair, Vice-Chair Treasurer and Secretary.
    2. All Officers shall be elected each year but their maximum term of tenure shall be two consecutive years. A person may be re-elected to the same post after a period of two years
    3. The President shall be someone with experience of the Association and with knowledge and understanding of the world of business. The role is to be a figurehead for the Association, willing to give advice, act as a stand in and take the chair at Annual General Meetings for the election of the Chair of the Association.
    4. The Chair fronts the organisation, runs the General Meetings and Annual General Meetings and liaises with other Officers if decisions need to be taken outside the formal arrangements of the Association.
    5. The Vice-Chair stands in for the Chair as necessary and acts in a supporting role.
    6. The Treasurer shall
      1. receive monies and make payments on behalf of the Association;
      2. maintain accurate records of the Association's receipts and expenditure including subscriptions;
      3. produce an annual statement of accounts; and
      4. bring to the attention of the Officers any issues of concern regarding the Association's finances including present and future cash flow
    7. The Secretary shall undertake a range of administrative duties as shall be determined by the circumstances of the Association such activities to include recording decisions of the Association, circulating information as necessary including minutes of meetings and agendas, maintaining a membership list and sending out subscription renewal notices. The Association can agree to pay an honorarium to the Secretary should it
      so wish.
    8. The Officers of the Association can by a majority vote of all Officers co-opt suitable persons to act as additional officers of the Association should they reasonably consider this to be necessary and such co-opted persons may either take on the roles of the appointed officers or take on additional roles. Such co-opted persons do not have to be members of the Association.
    9. All Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting by a simple majority voting system.
    10. Nominations for Officers shall be given to the Secretary before the beginning of the Annual General Meeting.
    1. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in October each year. The President, Chair and Treasurer shall each present reports outlining significant activities during the year.
    2. General Meetings (at which Association business is discussed formally) shall take place not less than once every three months. There shall be no meeting in August or December. No business shall be conducted at a General Meeting unless a quorum is present and 4 Members present shall be a quorum.
    3. A General Meeting will take place if three or more Members demand it in writing, such demand to be served on the Chair. Such additional General Meeting shall be convened within 14 days of receipt of the written request.
    4. Every Member attending a General Meeting shall have one vote on any motion indicated by a show of hands and each decision shall be decided by way of a majority vote.
    5. In the absence of the Chair the meeting shall elect someone to serve in that capacity.
    6. Networking meetings and informal sessions of the Association shall take place on a regular basis the frequency and location of such meetings to be determined by the Officers.
    1. Every Member has the right to submit a motion to a General Meeting. All motions to be proposed and seconded and voted upon in accordance with 7.4.
    2. If a new rule which affects the Constitution is approved at a General Meeting then it must be confirmed at the following Annual General Meeting by a majority of two thirds of those Members present.
    3. The Secretary shall keep a copy of the Constitution and procure its amendment should there be an alteration to any of the Rules pursuant to 8.2.
    4. Members should declare an interest in any item where that is appropriate and be prepared to withdraw when the vote is taken should be meeting so decide.
    1. The Secretary shall cause minutes to be made in books kept for the purpose of all proceedings at General Meetings of the Association. These minutes shall be available to any Member giving the Secretary reasonable notice in writing
    2. The accounting records and any books or documents shall be open to the inspection of any Member giving the Treasurer reasonable notice in writing
    1. The Association may be dissolved:
      1. by a resolution passed at a General Meeting of the Association; or
      2. by a resolution of the Officers if the number of members of the Association is less than 10 for a period of not less than 6 months
    2. The dissolution shall take effect from the day when the resolution is passed and the Officers shall be responsible for the winding up of the assets and liabilities of the Association.
    3. If any property or monies remain after the discharge of all debts and liabilities of the Association they shall be paid or transferred to Somerset Chamber of Commerce.

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