Ada Mournian Counselling, Nutrition, Happy & Healthy Living in Wellington & Tiverton

Counselling , Weight Loss , Nutrition , Coaching

Counselling Rooms, Wellington YPC, Mantle Street, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 8SW

01823 669717

Want to live a healthier, happier life?

Imagine waking up every morning feeling physically well, mentally sharp and emotionally free from burdens. Impossible? Not at all.

In the rush of modern society it’s easy for our priorities to become skewed. We get busy and stressed and forget that we need to look after ourselves.

When life starts feeling difficult, you may feel the pressure to carry on as normal, despite the fact that you’re struggling on the inside. But it doesn’t need to be this way. By working with a professional, you can overcome the issues holding you back and live your life to its full potential.

Here are a few of the ways I can help:

Counselling - professional help for tackling mental health and emotional issues.

Nutrition - boost your physical and mental wellbeing with healthy lifestyle changes.

Coaching - achieve your life goals with structured support and guidance.

Corporate - employee health packages including tailored workshops and one-to-one sessions.

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