Dec 162014

A Totally Local Christmas Manifesto

Written by Keith Wheatley

Shop local! That’s the message of a pre-Christmas poster campaign launched at the weekend by the Wellington Business Association. Every independent retailer has been given a Christmas Manifesto to display in their window.

With messages like: Visit Your High St Baker, Buy Gifts Made by People in the Area, Grab a Brew from an independent Café, the poster pushes ways to benefit the local economy and the community.

“People are spending extra money at the moment. If we can spell out a few reasons to keep a larger slice of that expenditure within Wellington it has to be a good thing,” said WBA chair Keith Wheatley.

“Every visitor can see that independent businesses are what makes our town distinct and successful. Extra turnover in the run-up to Christmas is important for them to survive the flatter months of January and February.”

As the poster (printed and donated by Carly Press) says: “Be proud you’ve supported your community. Because when you do your local economy grows, and your town becomes a better place to live. Which makes a great present for everyone!”

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The WBA exists to link together businesses, to maximise potential from town events, give members a chance to participate as a business community, keep all member businesses informed of local business schemes and to provide a voice for traders to speak to the local councils on issues that affect us. This enables us, as a business community, to work together for our own good and for the good of our town.

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