Nov 162017

Heart Attack - The Silent Killer, with Akesis Medical Services

Geoff Beaumont Written by Geoff Beaumont

Akesis Medical ServicesEvery 5 minutes someone in the UK has a heart attack - No two heart attacks are the same... Would you be able to recognise the signs if you, or someone else, was having a heart attack? - Are you in the 'at risk' category? - Would you know what to do?

Christine Curtis of Akesis Medical Services took WBA members through the risk factors of having a heart attack, how to identify the different signs and symptoms and what you need to do to provide the best First Aid care before the arrival of the Emergency Services.

Not content to let us sit back and take it easy, she then gave us hands on training in dealing with a Cardiac Arrest, performing effective CPR on training dummies and using an Automated External Defibrillator.

Following a fun, educational and interactive evening, we can all say Christine has given us the confidence to step forward if any of us are ever faced with dealing with a heart attack.

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